January 31, 2019

2018 HPWREN Accomplishments

2018 was a busy year for HPWREN. This article highlights significant activities undertaken in 2018 and some predictions for 2019 activities.

I. Awards and grants

- CENIC Innovation award given to HPWREN, March 20, 2018

HPWREN and its partners WIFIRE and AlertTahoe jointly shared CENIC's 2018 Innovations Award under the rubric "Technology Projects to Combat California Wildfires". In recognition of work to bring advanced IT and telecommunications to the fight to contain California wildfires, the WIFIRE, HPWREN, and AlertTahoe projects were selected as joint recipients of the CENIC 2018 Innovations in Networking Award for Experimental Applications.

January 8, 2019

2018 Restoration of Big Black Mountain HPWREN and ALERTSDGE Instrumentation and Radio Relay Site

Black Mountain is a summit in the Cleveland National Forest of the Peninsular Ranges in eastern San Diego County, California, north of Ramona. It has been a key observation, relay and meteorological site for HPWREN since its early 2013 installation. The peak is measured at 4,048 feet (1,234 m), and is sometimes referenced as Big Black Mountain to distinguish it from the smaller Rancho Peñasquitos Black Mountain Open Space Park in the city of San Diego (west of I-15). Black Mountain is also home to one of the largest remaining tracts of the threatened Engelmann Oak (Quercus engelmannii).

On January 28, 2018 a significant Santa Ana wind condition impacted San Diego County, and with it came substantial damage at about 10:08 AM to the Big Black Mountain relay site north of Ramona. The relay site supported a link to the HPWREN backbone site on Mount Woodson, and connected a firefighting
agency site.