July 6, 2010

HPWREN partnership with TDVnet facilitates deployment of UC Santa Barbara seismic sensors on Native American land

By Jamison Steidl, Institute for Crustal Studies, UC Santa Barbara

UCSB and the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) has deployed a seismological station at the Tribal Digital Village Network (TDVnet) Mesa Grande backbone site, to gain better coverage in the area, should the Elsinore Fault be the next to go in the Northwest extension of the M7.2 El Mayor event and its aftershocks. The seismic station records both weak and strong shaking and the data is transmitted in real-time back to San Diego from the TDVnet site via the HPWREN network. The data is then available to the California Integrated Seismic Network (CISN) for assisting the network in determining earthquake locations and magnitudes from the very smallest earthquakes, less than magnitude 1.0, all the way to the largest damaging events.

Michael Peralta (TDVnet) and Jamison Steidl discussing the seismic sensor installation at the deployment site.

The strong motion observations from larger earthquakes are important for earthquake engineering applications, like generating shake maps for an emergency response, and for improving our ability to design the built environment to withstand shaking from earthquakes. Having both the weak motion sensor and strong motion sensor allows the Mesa Grande seismic station to be used for multiple earthquake related purposes.

The Mesa Grande location was selected as it is about midway between existing stations in the Palomar Mountain and Julian areas, and has good network connectivity and electric power stability.

Both seismic sensors, prior to their installation.

The data acquisition equipment consists of a Q330 datalogger and Marmot field processor, both 1W of power. Adding the strong motion sensor requires still below 3W of continuous power draw and everything runs off 12 Volts.

Completed installation, with the strong motion sensor being below the wooden panel, and bolted into the concrete.

UCSB and SCEC are very grateful to the TDVnet and HPWREN networks for providing the communications and power infrastructure to enable us to quickly bring this site online and stream the data in real-time.

installation video

(available in high-definition upon request)

Screen shot of a Magnitude 0.8 earthquake that was recorded by the Mesa Grande station on June 30, 2010.

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