September 10, 2009

HPWREN participated in Cabrillo National Monument Founder's Day event

By Susan Teel Director, Southern California Research Learning Center, National Park Service

On August 25, Cabrillo National Monument celebrated Founder's Day, birthday of the National Park Service, by inviting partners to host booths at a festival. HPWREN and the NPS Southern California Research Learning Center hosted two booths and shared information with visitors about on-going research and monitoring projects in San Diego and at Cabrillo National Monument.

HPWREN booth displayed weather and acoustic sensors and webcams.

HPWREN hosted a booth and set up a weather station and acoustic monitoring equipment which displayed real-time weather data from the booth and duplicated the zone 3 sensor station at Point Loma. The HPWREN webcameras were also displayed on a huge 55 inch flat screen TV. Numerous visitors stopped by the HPWREN booth and recognized either the locations displayed by the cameras or the webcameras. Jim Hale assembled the yellow submarine and viewing visors which display video from the camera on board the submersible. Jim was shortly surrounded by young visitors wanting to try on the visors and mug around for the on-board camera.

Jim Hale demonstrates the "yellow submarine" for young visitors.

Tessa Peaslee, SCRLC Intern led many short expeditions were visiting children used telemetry equipment to track and locate "Bobbi" the stuffed bob cat. By mid morning the wind picked up and blew down the exhibits and sent all of us scrambling to anchor the equipment, tents, and displays. Monika Braun and Tessa strategically applied duct tape and managed to keep our booths and displays standing longer than any of the other booths.

Ranger Rick gives away lighthouse posters designed by Monika Braun.

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