September 27, 2005

HPWREN Annual Users Workshop hosted at the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve

On September 22, 2005, this year's HPWREN Annual Users Workshop was held at the San Diego State University's Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, which is part of the SDSU Field Station Programs. Mark VanScoy, Research Coordinator at SMER, hosted the meeting, which was then introduced by Tom Scott, Dean, SDSU College of Sciences.

<i>2005HAUM</i> cell

Kevin Thompson, HPWREN program officer at the National Science Foundation, presents at the 2005 HPWREN Annual Users Workshop at the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve

Various presentations are available as PDF files:

  • Douglas Alden, Integrative Oceanography Division Scripps UCSD/SIO (1MB)
  • Yehuda Bock, SOPAC and CSRC, UCSD/SIO (0.9MB)
  • Hans-Werner Braun, UCSD/HPWREN (0.6MB)
  • Pablo Bryant, SDSU Field Station Programs (2MB)
  • Paul B. Etzel, Mt. Laguna Observatory, SDSU (1.3MB)
  • Mark Fisher, Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center, UC (1.5MB)
  • Lisa Hazard, UCSD/SIO (2.8MB)
  • W. Scott Kardel, Public Affairs Coordinator, Palomar Observatory (1.8MB)
  • Chris R. Hinshaw, SDSO (via Brian Tripp) (0.5MB)
  • Kim Miller, California Wolf Center (1.3MB)
  • Dan Pagni, Fire Captain, CDF ECC Monta Vista (0.6MB)
  • Marie Roch, Assistant Professor of Computer Science SDSU (0.3MB)
  • Tajana Simunic Rosing, CS, UCSD (0.8MB)
  • Ron Serabia, HPWREN First Responder Coordinator (0.8MB)
  • Jamison H. Steidl, Associate Research Seismologist, Institute for Crustal Studies, UCSB (0.4MB)
  • Frank Vernon, IGPP/SIO, UCSD (1.3MB)
  • Kristoffer T. Walker, IGPP/SIO, UCSD (17.5MB)
  • Benjamin Alan Weaver, UC Berkeley (0.3MB)
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