October 12, 2004

San Diego Sheriff's Department Hosts HPWREN Annual Users Meeting

On September 24, 2004, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department hosted the HPWREN Annual Users Meeting at the County Emergency Operations Center. The conference room was connected to HPWREN.

2004 HPWREN Annual Users Meeting

Presenters were (in approximate order of appearance):

  • Chris Hinshaw, Assistant Manager of the Sheriff's Wireless Services Division, and meeting host
  • Tom Gardner, CDF's Monte Vista Unit Emergency Command Center Chief
  • Frieder Seible, UCSD College of Engineering Dean
  • Ron Serabia, retired CDF Fire Captain, now working with HPWREN
  • Priscilla Hernandez, California Wolf Center
  • Frank Vernon, UCSD/SIO geophysicist and HPWREN Co-PI
  • Hal Holmerud, SPAWAR retiree, now on Lummi Island, WA
  • Andrew Pickles, Caltech Optical Observatories, Associate Director
  • Scott Kardel, Palomar Observatory, Public Affairs Coordinator
  • Daniel Zieber, Palomar Observatory, Network Administrator
  • Claudia Luke, SDSU, Director, Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve
  • Pablo Bryant, SDSU Field Station Programs
  • Dan Cayan, UCSD/SIO, Climate Research Division
  • Peter Arzberger, UCSD
  • Douglas Alden, UCSD/SIO, Integrative Oceanography Division
  • Jamison Steidl, UCSB, Institute for Crustal Studies
  • Christopher Latham, UCSD, Technical Manager, Charles Lee Powell Structural Research Laboratories
  • Jeff Genrich, UCSD/SIO, SOPAC
  • Paul Etzel, SDSU, Astronomy Department Chair and Director, Mt. Laguna Observatory
  • Hans-Werner Braun, UCSD/SDSC, HPWREN Principal Investigator

    Via a phone connection, the National Science Foundation was represented by Kevin Thompson, Program Director in the CISE/SCI Division and responsible for the HPWREN grants. This phone connection used Voice over IP technology between the Emergency Operations Center conference room and UCSD, where it connected to the telephone system.

    Some of the presentations are available at http://hpwren.ucsd.edu/2004haum.

    During the lunch break, the Sheriff's Department hosted tours of the Emergency Operations Center. In addition, Frank Vernon presented a Cedar Fire DVD.

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