July 21, 2004

Licensed Radio Manufacturer Audits HPWREN Sites


The manufacturer of the radios for the HPWREN links, Stratex Networks, has shown extraordinary responsiveness to some issues experienced with one of the links. That link mostly impacted connectivity to the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve and a Firestation. A team from the company visited and systematically researched the issues after sending various pieces of spare equipment loaners in advance, and locally bench tested a complete link setup. This allowed the issue to be found with a rather unexpected piece of equipment, and the problem was quickly fixed. The problem was somewhat difficult to diagnose, with a heavily asymmetric behavior of the link in terms of signal performance.

The Stratex team also used the opportunity to audit existing and future licensed-radio deployment sites on HPWREN, and provided a written report with highly constructive suggestions for improvement. Most of those were related to equipment grounding, especially at the Mt. Soledad, SDSC, and Mt. Woodson deployment sites.

HPWREN certainly values such relationships with equipment manufacturers.

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