Cameras from various HPWREN related sites
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Most of the cameras on this page have been provided and are supported via a grant from San Diego Gas and Electric
fixed narrow color+monochrome
fixed narrow color preferred
fixed narrow mono+nearIR preferred
fixed wide color preferred
fixed wide mono+nearIR preferred
PTZ cameras
KML sensor visualization
Youtube Videos
To provide load-sharing and redundancy, the latest camera images
are also available at
Long-term image archive
Big Black Mountain
Birch Hill
Black Mountain
Boucher Hill
Coronado Hills
Cowles Mountain
High Point
Los Pinos
Lyons Peak
Mount Laguna
Mount Laguna Observatory
Mount Woodson
Near Anza
Otay Mountain
Red Mountain
Santa Ynez Peak
Southwest Escondido
Toro Peak
Volcan South
L.A.Co.F.D Helibase 69 Bravo
Santiago Peak W
Santiago Peak E
Mt. Wilson Observatory W
Mt. Wilson Observatory E

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