High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network December 18, 2001

HPWREN Team Participates in Phase Two Tests of Coastal Wireless Networking Deployment

Earlier this month, the HPWREN team worked with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography's Integrative Oceanography Division and UCSD Telecommunications to conduct a wireless network feasibility demonstration, as a follow-up to initial connectivity tests that took place in June.

By extending a fiber optics network connection from the pier via a wireless ethernet bridge, researchers now have the ability to relay real-time data from ocean sensors to their laboratories.

The team of researchers and engineers completed the permanent installation of two antennas and radio transceivers at Scripps pier: one to cover the pier itself and another to cover the coastal areas north of the pier. After this installation was complete, connectivity along Black's Beach up to the Torrey Pines State Reserve was tested and the signal worked as far as 3 miles away from Scripps Pier.

"We were happily surprised that we had good coverage both at the coast as well as in a boat off shore across multiple miles," said Hans-Werner Braun, HPWREN principal investigator. "The collaboration with Scripps is a very important aspect of our activities as we continue to explore and build wireless network capabilities in remote areas spanning from the coast to the deserts and mountains of San Diego county."

This activity marks the second phase of the wireless networking deployment, which will allow coastal researchers to better study the evolution of surface gravity waves propagating across the continental shelf through the shoaling region and surf zone. Specifically, this demonstration is part of the Integrative Oceanography Division's preparation for the 2003 Nearshore Canyon Experiment (NCEX), which has been proposed to the Office of Naval Research and the National Science Foundation.

The NCEX will also concentrate on corresponding inner shelf and breaking-wave driven nearshore circulation, sediment transport, and subsequent bathymetric change.

For photographs depicting the installation and testing, please refer to the HPWREN Photo Gallery: December 10 and December 12.


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