High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network February 21, 2001

Local CDF Firefighters Participate in HPWREN Mobile Rapid Response Demonstration

Despite wet and foggy conditions, HPWREN researchers and local California Department of Forestry (CDF) firefighters recently demonstrated a rapid response mobile wireless access point via a relay using tripod-mounted antennas.

The connectivity originated from the HPWREN 45 Mbps backbone node at Mount Woodson, where an antenna was mounted atop a rock pointing toward Iron Mountain, the relay point, which communicated via an additional tripod-mounted antenna with Dos Picos Park, a pre-determined incident base for CDF firefighters.

All equipment involved with the demonstration was "off-the-shelf", and specifics regarding the setups at Mount Woodson, Iron Mountain, and Dos Picos are as follows:

Mount Woodson setup
A radio controller, connected via a 170'cable to the tripod-mounted yagi antenna, was used at Mount Woodson. The setup also included a 1 Watt amplifier for the radio signal.

Iron Mountain relay setup:
A radio controller, equipped with two radio cards, was used on Iron Mountain. The radio cards were connected via coaxial cables and 1 Watt amplifiers to the yagi antennas: one pointing toward Mount Woodson, the other pointing to a location in the Dos Picos park. Power regulators were used to supply the radio and amplifiers with appropriate power levels.

    Dos Picos access point setup:
    The Dos Picos setup emulated a staging or incident facility, with a laptop using a PCMCIA radio card and connected to a tripod-mounted yagi antenna - without other equipment or power sources needed. An amplifier was omitted from the laptop so that equipment requirements for the field location were kept to a minimum.

For additional photos of the HPWREN/CDF demo, please refer to http://hpwren.ucsd.edu/Photos/20010213/.


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