Some notes related to the new version of the webpage.

The primary reason for creating this new version was that the old version became difficult to manage as more and more cameras got installed. Specifically in the old version changes to its many files had to be done by hand, while the new version uses a few simple (currently spreadsheet) configuration files from which its thousands of HTML/web pages get generated or installed.

A currently incomplete set of KML files is also being generated from those spreadsheets to show HPWREN sensor and network attributes in Google Earth. This allows real-time data to be displayed in Google Earth. The columns sticking up, visible when rotating the image, show the wind speed (height) and wind direction (the more towards red, the closer to NE wind, to get a quick view of Santa Ana-ish conditions). Those towers are clickable for all the met data from that site.

Other changes include:

  • the web page is more responsive to screen changes such as screen sizes or rotation.

  • The "details" pointers refer to more information about the camera or camera set at a specific location. Those then attempt to include data from other sensors such as a weather station at the local site or regional earthquake sensors. Also included for fixed (non-moving) cameras is an ability to overlay a semi-transparent layer of the real-time image over a "baseline" image from a good-weather image taken during daytime. This may be useful during obstructed views, e.g., during fires, fog or nighttime. It is not quite complete for all cameras yet.

  • The cameras are sorted by alphabet, though different orders should not be difficult to add.

    The old cameras web page is still around but not linked in and can be restored if need be. The new one may also change over time.

    You are welcome to submit comments and suggestions for improvements via the HPWREN feedback mechanism referenced on the main HPWREN web page.