KML visualization of HPWREN WXT met data

KML time-lapse visualization of HPWREN WXT met data

enter date as YYYYMMDD
(e.g. 20110304, leave empty for "today")


  • This creates a multimegabyte output file to be sent to your computer, and likely displayed in Google Earth -- it may take a while
  • You may want to tilt the Google Earth image (shift key + mouse) to get the perspective you like
  • The tower colorings reflect the Santa Ana based direction of the wind, with red for 60 degrees, and blue for the inverse direction (240 degrees)
  • The tower elevations reflect the wind speed in miles per hour times 1000 meters, plus 2000 meters for the ground plate
  • The 2000 meter elevation for the ground plate was chosen to be roughly at the highest mountain elevation in San Diego county (2000*3.28=6562 feet)
  • Note the time series animation option in the upper left; clicking the "wrench" allows for changing thing like animation speed and looping

  • Main HPWREN web site (includes information for acknowledgments/disclaimers and feedback/contact)