Real-time alarms from HPWREN-related sensor stations:
Version of October 5, 2005

A prototype version of the parameterization for real-time alarms based on data of meteorological sensors was implemented based on feedback from CDF:

# alert conditions:
# the data if based on one minute averages
# 1. if RH goes below $RH_thres percent
#    AND if Wind Direction is between $WD_l_thres and $WD_h_thres degrees
#    AND if WSpeed is above $WS_thres Mph 
# 2. OR if Fuel Moisture drops below $FM_thres percent
$RH_thres=25;           # Relative Humidity threshold in percent
$WD_l_thres=10;         # Wind Direction low threshold in degrees
$WD_h_thres=110;        # Wind Direction high threshold in degrees
$WS_thres=25;           # Wind Speed threshold in Miles/hour
$FM_thres=7;            # Fuel Moisture (10 hr stick) threshold in percent

# hysteresis value to clear alert
# data value has to change by this amount to clear an alert condition
$RH_hyst=$RH_thres+20;  # Relative Humidity increase needed to clear alarm
$WS_hyst=$WS_thres-10;  # Wind Speed decrease needed to clear alarm
$FM_hyst=$FM_thres+3;   # Fuel Moisture increase needed to clear alarm

# 24 hour time-of-day to re-issue alerts
$RTime=7;               # Still persisting alarms are ressued at this time

This is currently implemented for the sensors at the HPWREN backbone sites on Lyons Peak and Mt. Laguna, although the Mt. Laguna site currently does not utilize fuel moisture, due to some difficulties with the sensor.

Updated: July 2, 2006

The format for the messages is like:

  Subject: URGENT weather sensor alert

  LP: RH=25.4 WD=43.8 WS=2.1 FM=6.7 AT=86.8 at 20060701.093100
  More details at       

LP:	location (Lyons Peak)
RH	Relative Humidity in percent
WD	Wind Direction in degrees
WS	Wind Speed in Miles/hour
FM	Fuel Moisture (10 hr stick) in percent
AT	Outside Air Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
20060701.093100  date.time