HPWREN-related meteorological sensor data

Big Black MountainWXT520
Boucher HillWXT520
Chino HillsWXT536
Cuyamaca PeakWXT536
Green PeakWXT536
Los PinosWXT536
Lyons PeakWXT536
Mesa GrandeWXT520
Mt. LagunaWXT520
Mt. Laguna ObservatoryWXT536
Mt. WoodsonWXT520
Otay MountainWXT536
Puerta La CruzWXT520
Red MountainWXT536
San ClementeWXT536
San Clemente IslandWXT520
San Juan HillsWXT536
San MiguelWXT536
Santa Ynez PeakWXT520
Santa YsabelWXT520
Santiago PeakWXT536
Signal PeakWXT536
Sky OaksWXT520
Sky Oaks - Jolly RogerWXT536
SMER North StationWXT520
Toro PeakWXT536
Upper BellWXT536
Upper TalegaWXT536
UCSD - San Diego Supercomputer CenterDavis
Warner SpringsWXT520

Interface for older WXT520 data

Google Earth (KML) objects

  • Real-time data sensor map, focusing on Santa Ana wind events (requires Google Earth) - add cameras

  • Archived data of HPWREN sensors
    Note about real-time alarms
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