HPWREN Photo Gallery

May 1, 2003

Palomar Observatory Upgrades

Palomar Observatory's 48-inch Oschin telescope was recently upgraded with a new CCD camera by the QUEST collaboration.

Connected to the HPWREN 45Mbps backbone via an eight-foot antenna, astronomers using the camera will have the ability to transfer their images in near-real-time.

To support more HPWREN access reliability as the bandwidth demands increase in result of the new camera, the small Ethernet switch was replaced with a managed Cisco Ethernet switch.

While being at the site, separate work in progress on the camera upgrade was under way. This included a new camera controller and its cables.

Work was also under way at the camera in the telescope itself.

(The following image was taken from inside the telescope, showing the back of the camera.)

(The following images were taken from the front of the telescope.)