Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 11:22:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd Hansen 

10659 = 4ft dishes (only 1 of the three boxed antennas are ours).
They come with the radome attached correctly, where as the 6ft come
with the radome not attached.

10660 = different view of 4ft dishes in cases.

10661 = my attempt to capture the connector/mount of the 4ft dishes.
I guess they ship with the feed horn already in the dish.

10662 = Bud next to the 6ft dishes in boxes. They come with the
radome not attached and the feed horn not attached. I guess that
is how they fit them in a narrow box.

10663 = another view of the 6ft dishes

10664 = a view of the back side of teh 6ft dishes, you can see no
hardware attached.

10665 = similar thing

10666 = view of radome being hidden inside the 6ft dish for shipping

10667 = you can see the equipment boxes that are shipped with the
6ft dishes

10668 = a view of the 4ft dish of ours that Glen is putting together

10669 = another view from above

10670 = side view, the radome is below the black line but it is in
the shade so you can't really tell it from the trash can it is
sitting on top of.

10671 = a good view of the 4ft connectors

10672 = another view of the antenna

10673 = a case that Glen was thinking about using for a site but
may junk. Bud was thinking about it possibly for our Pala mtn

10674 = another view

10675 = another view

10676 = a shot of the tsunami radio this is the front side, notice
how the antenna cable will make it difficult if our rack does not
have enough clearance in the front.

10677 = back view of the radio

10678 = a clearer shot of the tsunami radio

10679 = a shot of how the antenna cables might work

10680 = nothing interesting

10681 = the sheet on top of the radio

10682 = the yagi antenna Glen has

10683 = another view

10684 = an omni directional antenna that glenn showed us, very
cheap and looks bad but supposedly works really well (2.4 GHz).