NSFNET: Lost and Found in the 21st century

7 January 2000, HWB

As a minor contribution to historical Lost and Found agendae I am herewith contributing some archeological finds. Right from the era when the Internet was on its way into oblivion, as a research project to have been, in the wake of GOSIP and X.25, and before NSF propelled it to real life by making a then very gutsy TCP/IP decision. And right when Fuzzballs started to roam the earth.

It just pops into view, right below a pillow, after entering my garage: that must be the machine where pretty much all the Fuzzball software was compiled on that I then loaded onto the operational 56kbps NSFNET nodesm, typically right after FTPing the latest and greatest fresh from Dave Mills:

Was at the University of Michigan back then, but Eric Aupperle let me keep the old beaten up box, after the inerts (except for the power supply) had been gutted.

Looking further into my closet the bottom cardbord box (below the one labeled "NSFNET stuff")

reveals our next treasure. 8" floppies fresh from the 80s with the actual Fuzzball distributions! Right next to it a slightly more modern 12GB DDS3 tape and a 650MB compact disk. Now how much did fit onto those 8" floppies? Was it one MB or two?

More boxes with such floppies, some sent to me by Dave Mills in 1984, even some floppies dated September 1983!

Last not least: the form surrounding a DDN access card

I can probably find more stuff, if I dig long and hard.... but then.... who remembers these days about what things took, and how much work people like Dave Mills put in, day and night and always reachable to help....