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April 5, 2021

2020 HPWREN Accomplishments Including One Year Under Covid

2020 was a year to remember for HPWREN and everyone else. The first two and a half months were fairly normal with routine maintenance and upkeep to maintain services through the winter months when generally there is little fieldwork. One significant accomplishment was the installation of the SDGE supported San Juan Hills site including ALERTWildfire and HPWREN cameras in January 2020.

March 17, 2020, marked the beginning of the Covid lockdown in California, reducing field work activities to essential activities to keep HPWREN, ASAPNet, and ALERTWildfire cameras functioning, while all personnel sheltered in place at home working remotely.

March 23, 2021

Water Quality Sensor and Camera Instrumentation at the Tijuana Estuary

By Trent Biggs, Professor of Geography, San Diego State University

Impaired water quality threatens human health and ecosystems, especially in the Tijuana Estuary and Imperial Beach. Contamination events, including from sewer system overflows and malfunctions, can be difficult to predict, and yet there are few real-time water quality monitoring stations in the San Diego-Tijuana Border region. We are developing systems to monitor water quality in real-time using telemetry and advanced water quality monitoring systems.

March 18, 2021

HPWREN Camera Image Access and Download Overview

Images and videos seen on the various HPWREN camera sites, such as, are available to the public for download from our archives. The only requirement for their usage is to provide attribution to HPWREN ( if images are published. See for details.

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