June 6, 2020

Basic Astronomy Demonstrated in HPWREN Time-Lapse Videos

By Robert Quimby
Director, Mount Laguna Observatory
Department of Astronomy, San Diego State University

The HPWREN cameras have been recording images minute after minute for the past several years, and this cache of data may be useful for demonstrating basic concepts in astronomy such as the seasonal changes in available sunlight. Time-lapse videos created from these images may help students in introductory astronomy classes better understand the Earth's tilt as it orbits the Sun and the effect this has on our lives.

June 1, 2020

Using HPWREN camera images for fire ignition detection

HPWREN staff have been discussing fire plume detection via its camera infrastructure with various projects for a number of years. Over the last few years technologies in the areas of Deep Learning and Edge Computing have matured to a point where real-time image analysis at the origin location of the images is becoming feasible.

Contributed by Wei Shung Chung, Founder of AI For Mankind

February 29, 2020

2019 HPWREN Accomplishments

2019 was a busy year for HPWREN. This article highlights significant activities undertaken in 2019 and some predictions for early 2020 activities. We also experienced challenging weather events that complicated our efforts…