May 22, 2008

HPWREN and the Infrasound Project at the Piñon Flat Observatory

By Dr. Michael Hedlin and Clint Coon, SIO IGPP

The Laboratory for Atmospheric Acoustics group at UCSD has used the HPWREN network since November 2004. Our connection was first established at the Piñon Flats observatory and has allowed us to receive continuous data for the past 3.5 years. Our data comes from an array of microbarometers at the observatory. The array is used primarily for nuclear monitoring. The array has also provided a wealth of data for the study of a broad suite of atmospheric phenomena. This connection is extremely important not only because we can establish data streams back to UCSD, which allow us to analyze and search for problems/signals, but also because it allows remote command and control through various software utilities. Due to the remoteness of the Piñon Flats facility and lack of communications infrastructure in the area, any other type of broadband connection is either not available or cost prohibitive. We also have plans in the very near future to connect additional equipment to HPWREN at the Camp Elliot facility near Miramar in northern San Diego. HPWREN is ideal for our uses because we require connectivity only between these locations and our offices at UCSD. The extra security provided by the UCSD-only routeable addresses as well as the excellent uptime and link speeds provided by HPWREN have all become critical in successfully operating our stations.

The photos show one of our elements at Piñon Flat Observatory. Data is transmitted from this element to a central recording site and then back to UCSD via HPWREN.

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