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In addition to several academic journal and conference publications, HPWREN is also discussed by peers in the following university and governmental publications.

NSF News: July 1, 2008
The Day the World Changed

NSF News: June 26, 2008
Not a Quirk But a Quark ... a Quark Star!

Sci-Vee: May 2008
Wireless Sensor Networks for Ecology

SDSC News Nuggets: January 2008
News from the San Diego Supercomputer Center

SDSC Profiles: 2008
Hans-Werner Braun


NSF Special Report: December 20, 2007
NSF and the Birth of the Internet

UCSD News Center: November 5, 2007
UC San Diego?s High-tech Tools Helped Combat Wildfires

This Week at UCSD: November 5, 2007
While Staff Evacuated, Remote Video Cameras Captured Real-time Images of Fires

NSF News: October 30, 2007
Digital Eyes in the Sky Play Key Role in Battling Flames in Southern California

NSF News: October 19, 2007
California Wolf Center Takes Wolves Into Classrooms During National Awareness Week

Computing Research News: March 2007
SDSC: Harnessing Data for Science and Society

SIO Visualization Center News: February 2007
HPWREN and CEOA at AAAS 2007

SDSU Field Station Programs News: February 2007
Lessons Learned from the SMER/HPWREN L.I.V.E event during AAAS 2007

SDSC Nuggets: January 2007
News from San Diego Supercomputer Center

NSF Multimedia Gallery: January 2007 (and prior)
Misc Photographs and Videos
(search for "HPWREN" and many images and video clips will appear)


NSF FY2006 Performance Highlights (page 12): December 2006
Where Discoveries Begin: Serving First Responders

SDSC CI Channel: November 3, 2006
HPWREN Annual Users Workshop was held on November 3 at the Ramona Air Attack Base of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection in the hangar of the OV10.06 http://www.cichannel.org/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=239

UCSD News: August 2, 2006
San Diego Supercomputer Team Backs Firefighters in Recent "Horse" Wildfires http://ucsdnews.ucsd.edu/newsrel/science/hpwren06.asp

NSF News: July 26, 2006
Communications Team Erects Lifeline for Firefighters Battling California Wildfires

Jacobs School of Engineering News: March 1, 2006
Bridge-Monitoring Poster Wins Grand Prize At 2006 Research Expo

UCSD News: March 1, 2006
Bridge-Monitoring Poster Wins Grand Prize At 2006 Research Expo

National Science Foundation Special Report: Disasters
Immediate Response


2005, October 3. B. Haire. Nothing but 'net. University of Georgia Campus News.

2005, June 20. A. Hoskins. Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve Tests Early-Warning Fire Sensors. SDSU Universe.

2005, February 28. San Diego County Real-Time Very High Rate High-Precision GPS Network Interfaces via HPWREN. CENIC Today.

2005, January 31. SIO/IGPP Laboratory for Atmospheric Acoustics is Utilizing HPWREN. CENIC Today.


2004. A. Friedman. George Wright Society's Virtual Trip to Fish Creek. 2004 On the Road to a Gigabit Awards Partnership Honorable Mention.

2004, April 8. Hart, D. Wireless Network Helps Astronomers Observe Elusive Gamma-Ray Bursts. National Science Foundation Discoveries.

2004. Large-Scale Scientific Collaboration. Supplement to the President's FY 2004 Budget (Blue Book). (Full version of blue book at http://www.nitrd.gov/pubs/bluebooks/2004/04BB-final.pdf, HPWREN on page 25).

2004, January 23. Nelson, D. Federally Funded (and Other) Internetworking Testbeds. Accelerated Trustworthy Internetworking Workshop. National Coordination Office for Networking and Information Technology Research and Development.

2004. Nichols, R. An Integrated Coastal Wireless Network: 2004 End-of-Year Interim Report. The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

2004, October 29. Palomar Observatory Receives High-Speed Network Connectivity Via HPWREN. CENIC Today.

2004. Wireless Network Boosts Supernova Search to Stellar First Year. NSF FY 2005 Budget Request to Congress (page 137).

2004. W.M. Wood-Vasey, L. Wang, G. Aldering. Photometry of SN 2002ic and implications for the progenitor mass-loss history. Scholarship Repository, University of California.


2003, January. K. Bruch. Remote Observations of the Environment. NSF: Complex Enviromental Systems.

2003, January 7. D. Hart. Wireless Network Boosts Supernova Search to Stellar First Year. NSF press release.

2003, July 28. Hart, D. Wireless Network Provides Critical Link in Battle to Control California's Coyote Wildfire. National Science Foundation press release.

2003, April 11. Nelson, D. Interagency Large Scale Networking Program. Internet 2. National Coordination Office for Networking and Information Technology Research and Development.

2003, October 2. Nelson, D. Networking and Information Technology Research and Development: Scientific and Technical Aspects. Federal Networking & IT Research Opportunities FY 2004. National Coordination Office for Networking and Information Technology Research and Development.

2003, January 27. Preuss, P. Best Rookie Year Ever for a Supernova Search Facility. Department of Energy Science News.

2003, January 10. Preuss, P. 34 Supernovae in One Year: The best rookie year ever for a supernova search. Berkeley Lab Currents.

2003, October. B. Woodhouse, T. Hansen. Meeting the Challenges of Real-time Data Transport and Integration. Southwest Hydrology. SAHRA, University of Arizona.


2002, February 27. An Impressive Return on Investment. NSF FY 2001 Management and Performance Highlights Brochure.

2002, February 27. Research Network Brings Wireless Internet to Native American Reservations. NSF FY 2001 Accountability Report.

2002, February 4. Research Network Brings Wireless Internet to Native American Reservations. Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2003.

2002, Summer. As Good as Being There. UCSD Perspectives.

2002. Broadband: Bringing Home the Bits. National Academy Press, Committee on Broadband Last Mile Technology Computer Science and Telecommunications Board Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences National Research Council.

2002, July-September. K. Bruch, L. Mcintosh. Wireless Networking Extends High-Speed Internet to Remote Academic Sites in Southern California. UCSD San Diego Supercomputer Center's Envision Magazine.

2002, January. 'Digital Divide' Being Creatively Bridged in Several States. NGA Center for Best Practices.

2002, August. HPWREN Collaborates with Palomar College and SCTCA's Tribal Digital Village. NSF CISE Newsletter.

2002, April 30. HPWREN Used at CENIC 2002. CENIC Today.

2002, Fall. One Year After 9/11, Jacobs School Faculty Pursue Technologies for the War on Terrorism. UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering Newsletter.

2002, November 13. U.S. Navy Dedicates a 750-Kilowatt Solar Power System. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Newsletter.


2001, January-March. K. Bruch. HPWREN Team Creates Wireless Broadband Network for Research and Education Applications. UCSD San Diego Supercomputer Center EnVision Magazine.

2001, October. 'Digital Divide' Being Creatively Bridged in Several States. National Governors Association Center for Best Practices Newsletter.

2001, February 8. T. Garritano. Research Network Brings Wireless Internet to Native American Reservations. NSF press release.

2001, July 31. Hearing on Innovation in Information Technology: Beyond Faster Computers and High Bandwidth. HPWREN testimony by Hans-Werner Braun. The Congressional Record.

2001. HPWREN: San Diego's Wireless Prototype Network. April IEEE's Distributed Systems Online.

2001, March 12. Olsen, F. San Diego Researchers Build a Fast Wireless Network for a Remote Inland Area. The Chronicle of Higher Education. http://hpwren.ucsd.edu/info/images/033001.PDF (print version).

2001, Spring. Research News. San Diego State University Sciences Review.

2001, March 14. Researchers Build a Fast Wireless Network for Remote Inland Area. EDUCAUSE listserv.

2001, October 12. SSC San Diego Teams with Local Emergency Agencies. Outlook: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center San Diego.

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