Technical white papers and summaries

cumulative histogram November 20, 2004
Network bandwidth performance disparity across science applications

An initial study to characterize the disparity across HPWREN applications in preparation for the QoS research of the new NSF HPWREN award is considering four applications and their bandwidth requirements.

cumulative histogram March 3, 2003
Additional applications of a motion detect camera

As a continuation of the activities outlined in our original motion detect camera paper a telescope was attached as the lens to an IQeye3 camera.

cumulative histogram February 18, 2003
Some applications of a motion detecting camera in remote environments

Various events, such as animal movement through corridors between island habitats, can be supported by inexpensive camera and wireless networking technology available today.

cumulative histogram April 9, 2002
HPWREN feasibility demonstration of real-time data communications between an airborne vehicle and a ground station

In conjunction with the San Diego State University Global Change Research Group and staff of the San Diego State University Field Station Programs, the HPWREN team demonstrated the feasibility of high performance data communication between research air plane and a ground station during an approximately 15 minute flight.

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