(version of 2 January 2013)

Although sustained by the National Science Foundation for many years, HPWREN is now operated as a non-profit “recharge” service.  HPWREN participants pay an annual fee for access to the core network (core network topology and characteristics may be viewed at http://hpwren.ucsd.ed/Topo/).  Participation is offered at three levels or “tiers,” depending on the participant’s requirements, as shown in the table below.  Costs for equipment and installation to establish and maintain HPWREN connectivity to the participant’s site are not included in the annual fee.  HPWREN staff can purchase and install endpoint equipment on a time & materials (T&M) basis; an informal non-binding estimate can be provided upon request.  Costs are site-dependent and may vary greatly and are often hard to predict, but an example cost estimate for a basic, low complexity installation is given below.   If the participant wishes to purchase and install their own endpoint(s), HPWREN staff, at its discretion, can provide limited advice and guidance;  more extensive technical support can be provided on an hourly paid basis.

UC groups desiring to participate in HPWREN may do so by providing an index number for an internal funds transfer to cover the annual fee and any additional costs.  A formal agreement is not required but a statement of work (SOW) can be provided upon request.  External organizations participating in HPWREN must enter into a formal service agreement.  The basic agreement may be viewed at TBD; in it Exhibit A, Services, will be tailored to the specific participant.  Due to the UC-mandated cost structure, the annual fee for external organizations is different than for UC participants, as shown in the table.  Note that if an external organization is issuing a contract or subcontract, the annual fee may vary depending upon UC’s negotiated indirect cost (IDC) rate with the agency issuing the prime contract.

For questions or further information, please contact us via the “Contact and Feedback Form” available on the main HPWREN web page.

Participation Tiers and Fees:






  • - Traffic Priority One (highest)
  • - Unlimited static, non-routable IP addresses
  • - Highest priority for technical support
  • - Seat on HPWREN Advisory Board
$51,784 $75,087


  • - Traffic Priority Two
  • - Up to 50 static, non-routable IP addresses
  • - Second priority for technical support
$10,529 $15,267


  • - Traffic Priority Three
  • - Up to 10 static, non-routable IP addresses
  • - Third priority for technical support
  • - Note: generally not available for new participants
$1,748 $2,535

Additional static, non-routable IP addresses may be attached for $445 per year (internal rate) / $645 per year (external rate)

The following is a fictitious example, for illustration purposes only, of a  cost estimate for a basic, low-complexity endpoint Installation at UC rates. There may be additional costs, such as monthly microwave tower rental fees, the cost of obtaining an FCC license (if needed), or others.





Labor, Chief Engineer

$111.56/hour 4 hours $446.24

Labor, Project Engineer

$57.46/hour 16 hours $919.36

Radio, e.g., 5.8GHz

$1,500 ea. 1 $1,500

Antenna. e.g., 4' parabolic

$1,500 ea 1 $1,500

Cabling, e.g., Ethernet or power

$2/ft 50 ft $100

Consumables (mounting hardware, cable ties, etc.)

Variable $50 $50

Travel (mileage, meals)

Variable Variable $200
TOTAL     $4,715.60

Note that the labor rates for external participants are $161.76 (Chief Engineer) and $83.32 (Project Engineer); equipment and travel costs are passed through at-cost.