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Image of July 20, 2013:

Multi-day HPWREN HD animation of the Mountain Fire in Riverside County.

Link to video

Image of January 31, 2013:

Automatically generated photo by the web camera located at High Point on Palomar Mountain, after it was repaired by Jim Hale and Pablo Bryant.

Image of Nov 15, 2012:

Snow on Mount Laguna on November 10, 2012 as seen from the web cameras.

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Image of August 5, 2012:

New antenna on Los Pinos.

Photo by Pablo Bryant, San Diego State University.

Image of July 23, 2012:

Radio and antenna installation on Sierra Rojo.

Image of June 30, 2012:

The plume of a small fire was captured by the new camera recently installed on top of Mount Woodson on June 30 at 15:24.

Image of June 23, 2012:

View of Salton Sea during a repair trip to Toro Peak.

Photo by Pablo Bryant, San Diego State University