Early morning, 26 October 2003, images from the CDF Air Attack Base in Ramona

The images on this page were taken by a 1288x968 pixel IQeye3 camera, some (especially the pre-06:15 ones) automatically by built-in motion detect, some others by a process set up around 06:15 to collect images synchronously approximately every 12 seconds.

Note: The image comments are interpretations by HPWREN staff, no more, no less.

Time: 05:59:57 -- The CDF Air Attack OV-10 is just about ready to leave

Time: 06:00:18 -- The OV-10 has just left and is moving towards the runway

Time: 06:08:39 -- S2 tanker #70 is leaving

Time: 06:11:10 -- S2 tanker #71 is leaving

Time: 06:26:57 -- S2 #70 is returning

Time: 06:30:48 -- S2 #71 is returning

Time: 06:31:23 -- S2 #70 is leaving again

Time: 06:35:22 -- S2 #71 is leaving again

Time: 07:10:07 -- A tanker is being photographed right before a CDF helicopter is leaving on the left of the image; the helicopter is not visible yet

Time: 07:11:11 -- The CDF helicopter while taking off appears in the left of the image

Time: 07:11:22 -- The CDF helicopter is now leaving

Time: 08:37:06 -- A CDF helicopter appears in the image

Time: 08:37:11 -- CDF helicopter

Time: 09:51:00 -- A fire retardant "refueling" truck arrives

Time: 09:52:32 -- The new fire retardant truck parks besides the existing one
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